7 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist

Texting can sometimes be scary as hell, However, it shouldn’t be that complicated. The facet of the matter is that it’s a good way to exercise the art of attraction.

By using only a few short phrases and words, you can spark and overwhelm his mind.. These are some of the best texts men can’t resist. 

1. Provide value in your text.

Stop saying “hey, how are things going”? Or perhaps “hey, “how’s everything”?  These texts are just boring. You’ve got to be as entertaining as possible.

 You might want to add some pictures that trigger memories or perhaps a joke. 

That’s one way of spicing up the conversion through texting. You can also add some captions reminding him of a funny joke. 

2. Forget about asking questions with simple “Yes” or “No” answers.

Your ultimate goal here is for him to answer these questions with long answers and perhaps discuss with you by calling you or coming over. Ask him questions that extort emotions.

After all. Rexing 500 words to answer a question over the phone is very daunting.

These types of questions will make the conversation more curious and he won’t be able to resist your text.  

3. Flirt with him over text.

This might come to you as a surprise, but this allows you to express your feelings without distractions and perhaps without expectation of immediate reaction.  

It’s all about capturing not only his heart but also his soul. Sending him a text like “So, I’m at the door without my two favorite outfits however,  nobody is calling the cops on me.

Are you ready to guess what’s missing? Also, it’s not my bikini.”

 This text alone will blow his mind.

Flirting with him over a text is one of the best ways to get into his mind.

4. Make his heart melt by complimenting him.

This one is difficult- Most men tend to like a specified way of complement.

He wants you to compliment things that are hidden from the public like his gym workout, his new clothes, or perhaps his inner personality qualities.

Sending him a text like  “You’re Such A Good Cook!” or perhaps “I Like Your New Outfit”   or “You’re an incredible husband/boyfriend” are great ways to compliment him 

5. Let him know how you feel about him or perhaps life in general.

Sometimes it’s good to express your feelings and share personal experiences or stories with your partner. This will melt his heart and he is going to realize how strong and self-sufficient you are!. Sharing your feelings and being vulnerable establishes intimacy and fulfilling relationships. 

6. Set healthy boundaries.

When flirting with him, you’ve got to set your standard and he has to know your limits and boundaries. The tone and the standard of your text should be high and right.

Always be direct and have clear-cut conversions on date nights.

He’s got to know how you would like to be treated. He will eventually appreciate your limits and boundaries and respect you. 

7. Entertain him by sending a funny text.

Your ultimate goal here is to make his day by entraining him – sending him funny jokes. do not stress being courteous, polite, or perhaps asking the right questions. Sending him a text like  “ Hey, stranger. … This is me asking you out. …This will really impress him and he will be waiting for your text all day. 

There you have it. Follow these tips and suggestions and hopefully, he won’t be to resist your text.