12 Signs He’s Really Interested in You 😬


Hey, welcome back. So you have been seeing this guy for a short time and you are still unsure if he likes you.

sometimes you may have to dig deeper in order to find out if he truly likes you. therefore, here are  Signs He’s Really Interested in You.

1. He always compliments you.

Even if you feel so simple yet he still sees so much in you, you’re the apple of his eyes. Expect some good messages and compliments from him. he’ll do the effort of making you feel special with warm compliments.

He’ll notice your hairstyle, make-up, outfit, or follow your posts on social media and will let you know how much he appreciates it by leaving reactions and sending you comments.

It’s a plus point if he sees beyond the physical beauty. Once he does, he’s seriously not into a fling. You can keep on giving him reasons to keep an eye on you or be mysterious about yourself and leave him wanting more.

2. His eyes are glued on you.

It’s an age-old proven signal that if a guy likes you, he will maintain and lock eye contact with you when you are talking. His eyes brows will be raised and his pupils will be dilated. Here’s a screaming sign that he’s into you. If his eyes are on to your lips as you talk, he’s romantically into you. However, a shy guy might do otherwise and we’ll talk about it in another article.

3. He’s funny when he’s with you.

A good way to a girl’s heart is through laughter. Humor is the key guys use to open the doors of opportunity to keep your attention with him. Entertaining you with his jokes is one way of lighting up your mood and introducing you to his charm.

Whether it’s a trending funny video, or about his long curly hair, or his funny pet at home, or even try mimicking a funny accent, if he knows it makes you laugh, he’ll bring the plate on the table.

4. He wants to know a lot about you.

Guys don’t do so much asking but when they do, then that’s a strong indicator that he likes you. He won’t let the time pass without getting an answer from you about

[wps_lists icon=”arrow-right” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • your childhood,
  • your talents, and interests,
  • or *drum roll

finally asks you, “Do you have a boyfriend?”—which sure is the question on top of his.

He’ll never bravely asking you if he isn’t interested in you anyway.

He’ll keep up with the conversation because it’s his chance to know more about you. He might also want to make sure if you guys have similar interests, from which he’ll dig deeper.

If you observe this tip from a silent-type guy, you might update that relationship status on your Facebook account soon.

5. He shares your interest.

This would lead him to open up about the same interests as you. He’s trying to make your interests meet, or he does the effort to adopt the things you’re into: practice the hobbies, watch movies/episodes that you shared with him, listen to the songs he saw from your list, so later on, these spices up your conversations.

Common interests and hobbies make your path intersect and interesting as well.

6. Observe his body language.

Body language tells a lot about what a person is feeling and is hard to deny. If you suspect that a guy likes you, then pay attention to his gestures when he’s with you. Are his feet pointing towards you? Does he mirror you? These are all positive signs that he is interested in you.

7. He welcomes you in his circle.

A guy who is not interested in you won’t waste time asking you to hang out with his close friends. Guys, how impossible it may seem, would dare to create a memorable experience with you, of course with the help of his core to back him up.

So if his friends already know you and talks to you as if you’re already familiar with them, guess what? He might be talking a lot about you. The following tip is closely related to this.

8. Keep an eye on his friends.

You might need some help from your girlfriends to do you a favor. Ask them to do a light interrogation with his friends during parties. Or ask your friends to be decoys to be invited by his friends to give you.

9. You’re included in his calendar.

As easy-go lucky guys would seem, time isn’t luxury for most guys, they use it to things that matter to them: hang out with friends, play their video games, or watch their sports. If you notice that he’s setting any of these aside, to spend time with you, then he must be attracted to you.

Next time you can test it out to see if it’s true. alone time together.

If he likes you his friends will talk or joke a lot about you. Ask your friends to takes note of them so they can spill the tea the next day. Bring the queen bee out of you and you’ll get the information you need.

10. He’s uneasy around you.

If his presence makes you put a lot of effort to be calm, the reality is that he’s probably nervous around you as well. Is he trying to catch his thoughts before it slips from his mind? Or is he stuttering when you’re talking personally? Is he taking time before he replies? He probably isn’t sure what to tell you because he’s trying to impress you.

He probably wants to meet your standards and it’s making him nervous to carefully make a move or drop the next response. 8.If he’s willing to ditch the game to hang out with you, then you can be sure he likes you.

Crown yourself the soon-to-be queen of his heart. Of course, this can only be a test to see where his loyalty lies, you can be the mature one who will willingly do things along his side.

11. He’s an extra-gentleman for you.

if a guy is into you, you can tell as he might do special things for you. It can be best observed in a group setting. a ‘good morning’ message almost every day before you go to school or work, or keeps on being thoughtful most of the time and checks you often when you’re not together, or volunteers to drive you home and make sure you’re safe… These are gentleman moves that are easy to observe.

 If you are receiving any of these from him and you’re sure that he doesn’t do it with any other girls, believe me, You are special to him. To make sure of this, you may also review our second tip, and observe if he’s the type who flirts with girls around him. Keep in mind that a guy who’s into you will repel other girls’ attention. 

12. You’re the reason for his smile.

If his eyes curve with his lips, he’s genuinely happy within. You may try sending him a message while keeping him in your eyes. If he reads a message from you, without him knowing you’re in the same place as him, and you notice him smiling as he opens the message that confirms that you make him smile.

A guy who’s interested in you and likes to keep you will show the signs we just discussed.


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